How much selling do we really need to do?

Here at The Frank Agency even we believe that the endless joy of work should occasionally be interrupted by a holiday. Which is why I’m taking this week off and heading to Cornwall for a rather belated summer break.

Straying from our usual self-catering strategy, we’ve decided to spend five days at a family friendly hotel. A novel concept to me, our destination not only offers beautiful views of the beach, spa facilities and a grown up restaurant, it also comes with a ‘free’ kids club, baby sitting and dog friendly rooms. Could this mean a lie-in? Time to read the paper? Dinner a deux? Oh my dog. And all for a pretty reasonable price.

Curiously, even though I don’t know anyone who has stayed there and I’ve never set foot in the place, such is my excitement at its promised benefits that I’ve already started bigging it up to friends and family.

So how can it be that purely on the strength of a pleasant phone call and a well considered website, the sheer expectation of this experience has been enough to turn me into an advocate? Could it be that by offering customers exactly what they want at the time they want it, very little ‘selling’ is actually required…?

(Next week I’ll let you know if it was worth all my hype.)